Rabbi David Rogut OAM

Rabbi Rogut OAM joined the Montefiore family 11 years ago and has served the Sydney community for more than as Rabbi of the North Shore Synagogue, President of the Rabbinical Council of NSW, a Dayan on the Sydney Beth Din and as Spiritual Dean of Masada College.

He is energetic and constantly active, the years not slowing him down and he has earned the respect and affection of the community which he is devoted to.

Rabbi Rogut OAM’s role at Montefiore is busy and varied. He:

  • Oversees Kashrut at Montefiore
  • Conducts Shabbat services as well as all services for FestivalsRuns Shiurim in all areas on a weekly basis
  • Is involved in the palliation process for residents giving spiritual and religious guidance to both the resident and his/her family
  • Assists families with funeral and minyan arrangements
  • Participates in other cultural activities such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day
  • Is a consultant to all staff and departments

His wife, Vicky Rogut, is not only an active volunteer at Montefiore but also assists Rabbi on Shabbat and other festivals and is a confidant to the residents. They have four children and five grandchildren.

To contact Rabbi Rogut email rabbi@montefiore.org.au