Leora Ross

Leora Ross graduated in Pharmacy in 1977 and worked as a pharmacist before doing some voluntary work in the community while raising her 3 children. She remains actively involved in the community and is currently a volunteer guide at the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Leora has completed a Graduate Diploma in Education, gained a Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages) and later, a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

Her 16 years’ of teaching English to overseas students and migrants at the Institute of Languages UNSW, as well as teaching the future teachers, has given her an understanding of intercultural issues relevant both to the staff and residents of Montefiore. In addition, her experience in education is pertinent to the important area of ongoing professional development of staff within Montefiore.

With her background in pharmacy, Leora also has some insight into the health issues that affect Montefiore residents. Leora’s mother was a resident of Montefiore for 4 years and she is resolved to ensure the vision of Montefiore to excel as a provider of high standard care, maximising the quality of life for the elderly in our community.