Making a World of Difference

Vicki Eskenazi, Jean Sher

Ahead of National Volunteer Week, we speak with some of our inspiring resident volunteers at Hunters Hill about the rewards of helping others.

Volunteer Coordinator Jane Silverman asked me if I would like to welcome newly arrived residents. I have never volunteered before but said that I would give it a go. I am not a shy person – I come from a warm family and feel confident when meeting new people, so Jane thought I had the right personality for the task. Shaking hands and sharing a warm welcome and small gift from Montefiore makes me feel good, as well as the new residents. I love the interaction, and it’s nice to be recognised when you walk around the grounds too. Vicki Eskenazi (pictured above right with Joan Sher)


Volunteers making a world of difference

“My father the late Rabbi Fabian served his congregation together with my mother, so from a young age I knew how important it was to help others. I volunteered at Montefiore for quite a few years before I became a resident myself. So continuing came naturally to me. I visit other residents and enjoy chatting to them about their earlier life, they open up to me and tell their stories which I find very interesting. It’s my way of continuing to serve the community.” Diana Rozenman


Volunteers making a world of difference

“I come from an observant family and am well-acquainted with the Hebrew language and Judaism, so for many years I have helped the Nursing Home residents by conducting Passover Seders. I’ve also widened my field of volunteering with a quiz activity on Sundays, which is well-attended, plus I announce the daily activities at breakfast in the Hostel dining room and introduce performers at the Sunday concerts. It’s satisfying to help others, and when you have been in business and the father of a large family you become used to being listened to – volunteering gives me a chance to regain some of that feeling.” Justin Jones


Dennis Havin

I came to live here with my late wife who was a resident in the Nursing Home. I was very grateful to see the way she was treated with such care and respect, and I felt it would be worthwhile to ‘give back’. I take residents to medical appointments and wait for them. It’s a privilege to have other residents trust you enough to take them out and rewarding when they show their gratitude for your efforts. I have learnt to be more tolerant especially if someone uses a walker, as one is responsible for the welfare of that person. Dennis Havin