Capturing the Wisdom of the Older Generation

Montefiore Book Launch

Photographer Nadine Saacks is a familiar face around the Sydney community as she captures those special moments at weddings and social events.

Last week, it was Nadine’s turn to share the spotlight as Montefiore Randwick held a launch in honour of her book The Tapestry of Life, a passion project capturing portraits and words of wisdom from more than 50 residents.
“I have such admiration for older people, especially those who lived through the War,” says the longtime friend and supporter of Montefiore, who credits this attitude to growing up living with her grandmothers. “I wanted to photograph the residents in their rooms with something meaningful and special to them.”
At the launch, residents and their families were invited to view their portraits and quotes displayed in the foyer at Montefiore.
The antique, old-world style Nadine brings to the images in the book reflects the elegance and dignity of her subjects and captures their individuality. “Each has so much wisdom and humour, and the time to share their remarkable stories,” she adds, saying she especially treasured the moments spent with those residents who have since passed on.
Unsurprisingly for the always-smiling photographer, Nadine’s favourite quote featured in the book comes from Joyce Edelman, who says: “Be positive and look at the good side of life not the bad. Two men look through bars – one sees mud, and the other sees stars.”
Nadine is already spending time with residents at Montefiore Woollahra working on the next volume, with Hunters Hill to follow.