Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series: Let's talk about Ageing

Join us on June 15th for our next Spotlight Series event: Empowering Active Ageing.

Hear from our expert panel about supporting active ageing, the difference allied health makes, and supporting communication and nutrition changes.

Moderated by Ariella Roth, Director of Client & Community Relations, in conversation with:
Michelle Kleiner, Acting General Manager, Allied Health
Maxine Radus, Manager Client Engagement Therapies
Alexandra Carey, Acting Manager Deictics & Speech Pathology 

Spotlight Series: Empowering Active Ageing


Watch MANAGING DEMENTIA, DEPRESSION, AND ANXIETY - A practical guide on managing dementia, depression and anxiety, including: What’s new in dementia prevention? The best ways to support a senior with depression or anxiety New developments in the treatment of Alzheimer's How to live positively with dementia The panel includes Prof. Henry Brodaty AO, Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, Eliza Baume, Dementia Consultant Montefiore, and Melissa Levi, Clinical Psychologist, introduced by Montefiore Director of Professional Services, Janine Grossman
Watch WHERE DO I BEGIN - A practical guide to ageing for your family. Moderated by Montefiore Director or Professional Services, Janine Grossman, the panel includes Rachel Houseman (Senior Social Worker), Amy Sender (Behavioural Support Lead), Eliza Baume (Dementia Consultant) and James Waide (Help at Home Coordinator).
Watch LET'S TALK ABOUT AGEING with Robert Orie, Jill Fellows, Thomas Kramer & Amanda Guinane. This session is a practical guide to the aged care options available to you and your loved one. * Are you confused about what support your loved one needs and are unsure how to navigate the system? * Are you wanting to downsize and learn about retirement living? * Discover what level of care is right for you – perhaps Help at Home can assist or is it time to consider Residential Care? * What financial implications should you consider?
Watch DECISION TIME: CHOOSING RESIDENTIAL CARE FOR YOUR AND YOUR FAMILY. Board members Lisa Spira and Renée Symonds share their personal experiences as loved ones moved into Montefiore Residential Care this year. In conversation with Montefiore General Manager of Residential Care Thomas Kramer, they discuss how they knew it was time for more care, family decision-making, and working together to ensure the best support. The informative and engaging series explores a range of topics including research and innovation, health and wellness, and personal experiences of older people and their families. Hear from visiting experts and our own Montefiore professionals in clinical and allied health care, as well as community members sharing their own stories.
Watch UNDERSTANDING DEMENTIA – A WAY FORWARD. Dementia is a disease now affecting almost half a million Australians. In this webinar from Montefiore's Spotlight Series, we explore the latest medical, behavioural and lifestyle research and innovations, as well as sharing ideas for family, friends and carers on supporting older people to live well with dementia. Expert panel: • Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO, CHeBA UNSW Co-director and Montefiore Chair of Healthy Brain Ageing • Dr Jacki Wesson, Montefiore Dementia Consultant & Research Fellow • Eliza Baume, Montefiore Behaviour Support Lead.
Watch DANCING WITH MEMORIES. “I am Lucy, and I dance with memories. Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I forget.” Join Montefiore for a reading of the captivating children’s book Dancing with Memories with author Sally Yule and illustrator Cheryl Orsini. This special presentation is designed for school groups, families and children aged 5-8 years to start a conversation and help them understand dementia in their own family and community, and answer some of their most common questions.